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Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are available for students wishing to learn ALL genres of music.

For those wishing to pursue the Royal Conservatory of Music’s classical piano curriculum, we prepare students from beginners to Grade X.

Students wishing to learn popular piano songs, jazz, or other styles have the ability to select some of their music from our large repertoire.

All private lessons are 30 minutes long.  Lesson times are available Monday – Saturday.

Quick Info

Age range: 6 yrs+
Length: 30 mins
Frequency: 1 lesson/wk
Duration: Ongoing
Band Room: Included


Fee: $26/lesson
Registration: $20
Keyboard Rental: $10/mth

How do I start?

The best way to get started is to sign-up for our 6-week Quick Start Program.  This includes 6 – 30 minute private lessons and the rental of a keyboard.

Anyone can start with our 6-week Quick Start Program although very young children most often begin in Group Piano.

Contact us to register