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Guitar Lessons

At Pro Music, we teach all styles of guitar including: rock, funk, punk, blues, jazz, classical, and country. 

Students move at their own speed and select all of their own songs. All of our studios are equipped with computers which provide students the opportunities to listen to the songs they are learning.

All private lessons are 30 minutes long.  Lesson times are available Monday – Saturday.

Quick Info

Age range: 9 yrs+
Length: 30 mins
Frequency: 1 lesson/wk
Duration: Ongoing
Band Room: Included


Fee: $26/lesson
Registration: $20
Guitar Rental: $10/mth
Amp Rental: $10/mth

How Do I start?

The best way to get started is to sign-up for our 6-week Quick Start Program. 
This includes 6-30 minute private lessons plus the rental of an electric or acoustic guitar and an amplifier. 

On your first lesson we will set you up with a guitar, gig bag, amplifier, and patch cord.  You get to bring all the equipment home for the 6 weeks to help with practicing. You will bring your guitar back and forth to your lesson each week. 

Anyone 9 years and older can start with our 6-week Quick Start Program, you do not have to be a beginner, just new to Pro Music. 

Contact us to register for guitar lessons.