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Music Starters

Quick Info

Age range: 3-6 yrs
Length: 45 mins
Frequency: 1 lesson/wk
Duration: 10 weeks


Fee: $159
Registration: $20
Materials: Included

3 Year Old (Tiny Tots)

We sing, dance, use instruments and most importantly have FUN while learning together.

Each week the children are introduced to a new instrument. They hear the teacher play the instrument, learn the parts and get to handle it, and try it for themselves.  This is a hands-on approach for the youngest children.

The 3 year old program introduces children to rhythm, movement and basic musical concepts. Class includes a musical story which takes them on a journey prompting them to collect and use instruments along the way.

Music Starters is game based to keep the children engaged, entertained and learning. Once the children become 4 years of age they are well prepared to enter Shining Stars our program for 4 year olds, where they will begin playing the keyboard.

We offer this program in 3 different terms starting in September, January, and March.

4 Year Old (Shining Stars)

In the 4 year old Program, we begin to teach children about music using the 4 natural ways that children learn.

Children love to sing!
So we make it FUN! We give each of them a microphone and start each class singing on our special stage while teachers accompany the class on the piano.

Children love to touch things!
So we let them touch, hold and try many different musical instruments weekly, as well as starting to teach them to play the keyboard.

Children love to play games!
So we provide an enriching set of musical games that help children quickly learn a wide variety of musical concepts including pitch, loudness, timbre, melody and rhythm.

Children love to make noise!
So we provide children with many ways to make noise by giving them an opportunity to try instruments including a full drum kit, xylophone, banjo, and others.

We offer this program in 3 different terms starting in September, January, and March, with each term building on the last.

5 & 6 Year Old Program (Rising Stars)

This program is a prep course, giving your child the musical background to make learning any musical instrument much easier.

I magine your child in a small group learning to play the keyboard, singing into a microphone on our special stage, playing on a full set of drums, being introduced weekly to every kind of musical instrument, hearing them played, handling and trying them.

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