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Group Piano - 5 Station Approach

Group Piano/Keyboard Program

The Pro Music Group Piano/Keyboard Program is based on a series of 5 Stations that have been highly successful for us over the past ten years.

Students who achieve a level 8 in our program are well equipped with all of the skills they need to excel a the guitar, drums, bass, or private piano lessons.  

IMG_9596Station #1 – Private Teaching

Each student receives at least 15 minutes of private time with a teacher.

At this station they go over their songs from the previous week and work on learning new songs.

Station #2 – Music Theory

Students are introduced to music theory concepts, focusing on note reading, in a social environment.

Students willingly do their worksheets when they see their classmates doing the same.  

IMG_9611Station #3 – Drumming

In the drumming station, students are delighted to learn to play a real drum kit.

Basic drum beats are taught to develop a natural sense of rhythm. The drum beats coordinate with the songs the students learn each week in their lesson.

Station #4 – Computer Learning

This station provides a rich set of musical games which enhance and reinforce their musical knowledge, from note reading to chords.  

IMG_9601Station #5 – Practice Keyboard

We have many keyboards available for students to practice on. Students can listen to the songs they are learning on our MP3 Players and then practice them on the keyboards.

We find that students like to practice in class because the environment is encouraging, and they have the support of classmates and teachers.