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Group Piano Lessons

The Pro Music Group Piano program picks up where Music Starters leaves off.  Group Piano is based on a series of 5 stations in which children rotate through, during a 45 minute class. 

Children who participate in Group Piano are well equipped with all of the skills needed to excel in private lessons for Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Bass or Drums. 

We teach students in a way that is stimulating, encouraging and fun, allowing them to learn at their own natural pace.

Quick Info

Age range: 6 yrs+
Length: 30 mins
Frequency: 1 lesson/wk
Duration: Ongoing
Band Room: Included


Fee: $21/lesson
Registration: $20
Keyboard Rental: $10/mth

Lesson Format

Group Piano is a weekly 45 minute class where students move from station to station learning musical skills and having fun in a friendly group environment.  

Students in this class can range from 6 to 12 years of age making it an ideal choice for siblings.  Each class has 4 piano teachers which provide individual attention to your child. See station details.

Group Piano is a continuous program allowing students to start at anytime and learn at their own pace, advancing when they are ready.